Monday, March 24, 2008

Shooting Times

Times are filling up Fast! Now is your Chance!
How do you set up an appointment?

email with...
  • 2 possible times that work for you.
  • the location where you want to shoot & what you want to be doing
  • contact number


Wednesday & Thursday (26th, 27th, 2nd, 3rd)
  • noon- 8pm!!
Thursday (27th)
  • 1-2:30pm
Fridays (28th)
  • 11-5pm
Saturday (29th)
  • 3:30-7pm
Monday (31st)
  • 9-noon
Wednesday (2nd)
  • 4-8pm
Friday (4th)
  • 11-5pm

take care,

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Black Tie Only Affair

Coming Soon!
From the kids that brought you Sexhibition

We would like to announce an exciting new event that showcases the beauty of the human form. A fashion show and dessert event will be held in the week leading up to the big event, SEXHIBITION. Models will be donning anything from pearls and nothing else, black ties and nothing else and even a painted wardrobe. Check back often for updates, this is going to be the sexiest event you've ever seen. Desserts will be served and nudity will be aggressively encouraged.
See you there Smith College.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Information (date/time)


Sexhibition is on April 11th. 10-1am in Scott Gym
  • it needed to be in a space with a capacity larger than Davis. the gym holds about 600 people
  • we will be building screens to create some divide between art exhibit and dance party.
  • if you are interested in submitting Art Work we are accepting anything from photos, short films, doodles to paintings or what ever you can come up with. we will try to make it all work. email
  • plus Dj Teddi

Sex, Art, Disability

I am doing an Anthropology Special Study on women with disabilities (all kinds) and their self-perception vs. society's perception of them. In interviewing several women, I realized their tremendous strength, courage, inner and outer beauty and I wanted to help them communicate this to the masses in challenging them to pose for the Sexhibition art show or to partake in the nude fashion show.

I am posing for the pictures myself, and I am looking forward to the experience. I have found Sexhibition to be an event that is free of hostility and prejudice and I truly believe the inclusion of women with disabilities in the show will help create more tolerance and understanding towards differently-abled women on campus.

I am still looking for women to interview and invite to pose nude in the show, so if anyone pops into your mind, please let them contact me.

Fatoumata Soumare

Monday, March 10, 2008

Everyday Nude Slideshow

So you want to get naked and pose with your friends in the campus center??

Spots are filling up really quickly for photoshoots. make your appointments now.

Well you are looking in the right place. Every year Sexhibition's " People doing Everyday things Nude" Slideshow gains more and more popularity. This year our goal is 350 participants. That might seem like a lot but last year there were over 200 people involved.

This is about you as you are. It isn't about being all dolled up and made up, looking at the camera posing. Rather it is about imitating those little moment, thing that you do everyday or not so everyday. Have fun with it.

People gather their friends, housemates, get together with strangers or do solo shots all around campus from livingrooms to the botanical gardens... from the gym to the theater...from the libraries to the private practice studios...from the woods to elm street.
The possibilities are endless and if you don't know what you might want to be doing in your photograph whether it is laundry or eating lunch...we can help you out with some ideas.

Another option is being a part of some of our Group Shots. There are some photoshoots that we are going to need a number of people to be involved in....for example early one morning there will be a Campus Center Cafe booth Shoot where we will fill all the booths with nudity then take a picture.

About the photos in public around campus....
They happen so quickly, we make sure to set the shoot up and make sure the lightening and everything is right before you jump in and out of your clothes for the picture. This means that you would be nude for all of 2 minutes to complete a shoot. There is barely enough time for anyone to see much less register what is happening.

This year we have a new photographer helping to make this all happen along with me, Erin Louise-Seize '08

if you have anymore questions email

Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe '08
Director of Sexhibition
Head Photographer

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So What exactly is Sexhibition?

...Well Sexhibition is exactly what you make it. It all depends on your participation.

A little history...
An event called Sexhibition was happening at Smith before it got revamped in spring of 2006. In that year it went from being the shell of a great idea to a permanent fixture in the smith calender, hitting capacity in Davis in under 30 minutes. The following year it was held in the campus center, and again was attended by hundreds of people.

Sexhibition is a body and sex positive art exhibit and dance party. The most infamous element is the "Everyday Nude" Slideshow, which is projected on the wall during the party. Each year the number of people who pose nude/ semi-nude has grown... In 2006 over 100 people, 2007 over 200 people and this year the goal is 350! We will be shooting up until a week before Sexhibition (april 11th) to make sure that we reach, if not surpass this and make it possible for as many of you as possible to be inolved. (check out the specific post on this for more info)

The art exhibit every year has dozens of pieces from students at smith and this year from other colleges like Darthmouth. Not just art students but everyone is welcome to exhibit work from doodles to photographs. The work could have to do with sex, relationships, body issues etc. (check out the specific post on this for more info)

New this year!!

* Vaginas Beautiful Vaginas.... this year we have a new slideshow.... Vaginas. You can email a picture of your vagina to us and be included in this new series...imagine what the end result of this will look like! You can also send it anonymously. (check out the specific post on this for more info)

* Blacktie Only Fashion Show & Dessert Soiree... one week before Sexhibition. more info soon!

Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe
Director of Sexhibition
Head Photographer

Monday, March 3, 2008

Take a picture of your VAGINA!

Hello there! So we are adding an exciting new element to Sexhibition this year-- the vagina slideshow! Yup, that's right, we are collecting anonymous shots of your vagina. The slideshow will be going on at the same time as the regular one of naked Smithies doing everyday activities. We have set up a gmail account specifically for your vaginas' pictures so that you can log onto it, and send the picture to the sexhibition account anonymously. How freakin' awesome, right?!

This is the time to love and embrace your vagina in all of its beautiful, unique glory!

To submit your photo go to: Sign in as: mybeautifulvagina, password: sexhibition

If you have any questions just leave a comment or send an email!!!

Ally Marks